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Soulmate Calculator for American Singles

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" If Session("ReportString")="" Then stringVar ="This Soulmate Calculator will calculate the number of American singles you must meet to find your soulmate. It uses the latest statistics from the U.S. Census and the National Center for Health Statistics." Else stringVar =Session("ReportString") End If Response.Write stringVar Response.Write "

Number of American Singles You Have to Meet- step-by-step explanations on how the result was calculated." Response.Write "
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  General Preferences
  Gender Preference I am a " Response.Write " Looking For a " Response.Write "" %>
  Height: <% Response.Write makeHeight("HeightStartF") Response.Write " to " Response.Write makeHeight("HeightEndF") %>
  Age Range: " Response.Write typeStrstart %> to " Response.Write typeStrend %>
  Are you willing to move?
<% Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("asian","All Asian") Call makeEthnic ("black","Black/African American") Call makeEthnic ("white","White / Caucasian") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("asianindian","Asian Indian") Call makeEthnic ("americanindian","American Indian") Call makeEthnic ("otherrace","Other") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("chinese","Chinese") Call makeEthnic ("hispanic","Hispanic/Latino") Call makeEthnic ("anyethnic","Any") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("flipino","Filipino") Call makeEthnic ("middleeastern","Middle Eastern") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("japanese","Japanese") Call makeEthnic ("pacific","Pacific Islander") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("korean","Korean") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("vietnamese","Vietnamese") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("otherasian","Other Asian") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Sub makeEthnic(NAMEvar,Labelvar) If Session(NAMEvar)="True" Then checkVar="CHECKED" Else checkVar="" End If Response.Write "" Response.Write "" End Sub %>

" Response.Write "" & Labelvar & "
<% Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("Christian","All Christians") Call makeEthnic ("BuddistToaist","Buddhist/Taoist") Call makeEthnic ("Atheist","Atheist") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("Catholic","Christian: Catholic") Call makeEthnic ("Jewish","Jewish") Call makeEthnic ("Agnostic","Agnostic") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("Protestant","Christian: Protestant") Call makeEthnic ("Hindu","Hindu") Call makeEthnic ("Spiritual","Spiritual") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("Mormon","Christian: Mormon") Call makeEthnic ("Muslim","Muslim") Call makeEthnic ("OtherReligion","Other") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("OtherChristian","Christian: Other") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("AnyReligion","Any") Response.Write "" %>
" Response.Write "

  Relationship Status
<% Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("Single","Never Married") Call makeEthnic ("Divorced","Divorced") Call makeEthnic ("AnyMarriageStatus","Any") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" Call makeEthnic ("Separated","Separated") Call makeEthnic ("Widowed","Widowed") Response.Write "" Response.Write "" %>

  Set Bottom limit to top 100% percentile if you don't care     Click Here for Help
   top percentile
    " & label & " to  top
 Bottom LimitUpper Limit
" Response.Write headerStr Response.Write makeRow("Face Attractiveness", "input1F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Body Attractiveness", "input2F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Intelligence", "input3F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Emotional Intell.", "input4F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Spiritualism", "input5F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Optimism", "input6F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Energy", "input7F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Risk Tolerance", "input8F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Ambition", "input9F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Compassion", "input10F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Humor", "input11F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Artistic Talent", "input12F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Musical Talent", "input13F", 1, 20) Response.Write makeRow("Writing Talent", "input14F", 1, 20) Response.Write "
" %>

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