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Home > Soulmates > Odds of Soulmates Marrying

Odds of Soulmates Marrying

If only 8% of long-term married couples have actually married their soulmates, what will be the chance that a newly wedded couple have? The average marriage length of our 9,957 long-term marriage sample is 15 years. Taking the current divorce rate for marriages of 15 years is 43%, for anyone who is getting married, the chance that they have married their soulmates is 3.4%. In other words, 1 out of 30 newly wedded couple would have found true love. The calculations are as follows:

% of married people that are actual soulmates = percent of divorce x
percent of soulmate couples

= .43 x .08

= .034

% of newlyweds that are actual soulmates = 3.4%

= 1 out of 30 newlyweds


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