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Theories About Soulmates
Definitions of Soulmates
Many definitions of soulmates exist. We summarize each definition here to help clarify the confusion.

Do Soulmates Really Exist?
Until now, nobody has presented empirical proof. Yes, there are anecdotal evidence, such as your grandparents who after many years of marriage are still in love with each other. But how many of these couples exist? The evidence presented can be used to convert work-it-out believers to soulmate believers. It also gives everybody hope that there is a realistic chance of finding their soulmates.
  • Evidence of Soulmates- from all published research studies on long-term marriage satisfaction.
  • Odds of Soulmates Marrying- most every couple claim that they are marrying or have married their soulmate. What is the real percent of these newlyweds who actually are really soulmates?
Soulmate Calculator
A revolutionary analytical web-based tool using population statistics to find out the number of American singles you have to met to find a soulmate. Also, the Soulmate Calculator can be used to:
  1. See how much it is going to cost you to find your soulmate (search cost).
  2. See how special you are.
  3. See how special your love interest or lover is.
  4. See if you are too picky.

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